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Did You Get a Text Message?

Did you receive our text message when we needed to cancel Mass on Sunday morning? If not, we invite you to add your cell phone number to your profile in Breeze. We will only text you with urgent messages like the one we sent on Sunday morning to alert parishioners that we unexpectedly needed to cancel Mass on short notice.

  1. On the homepage click the Breeze link

    My Household (Breeze)
  2. Enter your Breeze username and password (if you don't have an account set up, email to get an invitation)
  3. Click on My Profile
  4. Locate the Contact section and check if youre Mobile phone number is listed
  5. If your mobile phone number is not listed, then hover over the Contact header and click on the 'click to edit section' link
  6. Enter your mobile number and hit Save

This will ensure we can reach you with urgent news when needed.


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