[Christ] is present when the church prays and sings…
Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, 7

From its founding, St. Noel has been committed to the art of music as a profound form of prayer, a source of joy and consolation, and a bridge between times, seasons, and peoples. Whether enthusiastically engaging in sung prayer in liturgy, or welcoming talented artists to our parish home, our parishioners love the presence of music in their lives. 

We invite you to become a part of the musical life of our parish, whether serving in Music Ministry, enjoying our Concert Series, or singing God’s praises in the pews. However you choose to be part of the song, we hope that music touches your heart and soul, and opens the doors ever wider to knowing God in your life’s journey.

Music Ministry

People from all walks of life and the whole spectrum of musical experience find a home and family in our Music Ministry program. From kids to great-grandparents, singers to ringers, degreed musicians to non-note readers, all are welcome, all are cherished, and all are appreciated.

Concert Series

The long-running St. Noel Concert Series finally returns from its COVID hiatus in Fall 2022! You are invited to join us for eight performances featuring outstanding artists, bringing everything from liturgical song to classical masterworks.

Worship Blog

Tony Ward, our Director of Music, writes on what’s happening in our worship life and Music Ministry programs in a blog meant for the entire parish community.