50 Wills Campaign

The St. Noel Endowment Fund continues to grow through prudent investment, financial gifts and distributions received from the parishioner-pledged “Rooted in Faith” campaign.  Growth of the fund has enabled increased financial support for St. Noel’s parish ministries.

The “50-Wills” campaign is an opportunity to remember St. Noel in your estate plan through various types of legacy gifts. Your gift can help grow the Fund so that the earnings continue to provide funding for St. Noel Parish programs. As a non-profit corporation, the St. Noel Endowment Fund has 100% control over investments and disbursements.

TypeBenefits to DonorTax Benefits to DonorBenefits to Endowment Fund

Will Bequest Gift Prearranged Federal/state estate deduction for amount of gift Gift added to Endowment Fund
Gift Annuity Fixed payments for life to donor or donor's beneficiary Portion of gift tax free; possible income and estate deduction Annuity passes to St. Noel upon death of annuitant
Insurance Policy Policy can be donated to St. Noel Value of policy tax deductible St. Noel becomes owner of policy. Proceeds to St. Noel upon death of insured
Charitable Remainder Trust Variable or fixed income for life or deferred income Charitable deduction for assets going to St. Noel Prearranged gift passes to St. Noel when Trust dissolves
Retirement Plan IRA Donor retains control of asset Estate and income tax deduction may cover portion of gift Gift benefits both St. Noel and donor's heirs

Check with your tax advisor about your potential benefits in transferring your IRA distribution to the St. Noel Endowment Fund.  To qualify: you must be age 70 ½ or older at the time of transfer; gifts must not exceed $100,000; funds must be transferred directly from a traditional IRA. This gift counts toward tax-payers required minimum distribution.  Contact parish office at 440-946-0887 if your financial planner or attorney requires the tax ID number.