Prayer Requests

"The Church, in all of her members, has the mission to practice the prayer of intercession: to intercede for others."

- Pope Francis

Please share your prayer requests for us so we can pray for you.


Please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters who have shared the following prayer requests with us. Note that we may not post every request we receive due to the personal nature of some requests. Whether your request appears below or not, rest assured that we have received your request and we are lifting your intentions up in prayer.
For healing for a friend's child with cancer
Requesting prayers for my mom as she faces end-stage cancer. For peace, strength, clarity, and little suffering for her and our family
For strength, peace and healing for my wife, who is recovering from a stroke
Please pray for my daughter and her husband and their unborn baby boy. They found fluid in his chest and kidneys on the 20 week ultrasound. Drs don’t know exactly what’s happening. They had genetic counseling and will have another ultrasound in 2 weeks. They are not sure the baby will survive. Please pray for the three of them. They are very scared
Requesting prayers asking the Holy Spirit to help direct decisions for a worsening medical situation, and to inspire the doctors on which is the correct course of differing medical opinions
Please take time to say a "Hail Mary" of gratitude for the wonderful medical personnel serving in our hospitals and medical facilities. They are very dedicated, very necessary, and their assistance is the best medicine any patient needs. Often times, they cover 2+ shifts .... theirs and an absent coworker's schedules. May God's loving care keep them healthy, and fill them with His joy of serving one another
For courage and healing for a friend who in the hospital with severe Covid
I will be having surgery on Thursday, December 2nd and would appreciate prayers to provide me and my family with strength and wisdom for my doctors. Thank you!
Please pray for those suffering from mental illness and for those separated from their families because of their condition
Prayer for Family and Strength for loved ones and Prayer for uplifting of my spirit my loss of my husband has been difficult in these trying times, Finances have been a struggle But I won't complain I need God's help to continue to uplift me in my brokeness my children and grandchildren are going through at this difficult time. Thank you! Pray for Us
Please pray for a family friend recently diagnosed with cancer. Prayers are needed for him and his medical teams. Dear God bless him with complete healing...if it be Your will. Amen
Prayers are requested for those who are scheduled for upcoming surgeries and pray also for the medical teams performing the surgery and aftercare
Praises and Thanks be to our father in heaven the One True God Yahweh and His Son Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. By Jesus Christ Lord God Please bless me and open for me a door to a path that no one can close. Most of all may your will be done. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen
Several requests, please --- please direct your prayers to St. Roch (the patron Saint of plagues & infectious diseases) or to your favorite Saint in heaven for: (1) A retired priest from Diocesan service to God's people, who is dealing with serious health issues. He was recently hospitalized with Covid pneumonia, and was expected to die. Because of the many prayers of those who know & love him, he did not die, but was sent home to recuperate. It must be noted that he is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, & is doing daily home dialysis. He is far from "his normal self", and your prayer for him and God's will be done, would be greatly appreciated. (2) For a friend, who is currently hospitalized for Covid pneumonia, and not expected to live. (3) For the health of each of St. Noel family parishioners. (4) Prayers of Thanksgiving to God for those persons who have survived Covid
Please add my sister, who lives in Illinois, to your prayer list. She told me today she has a new stage-3 cancer diagnosis.
Lord Jesus Christ please pardon all my sins, Show me grace and favor, see my afflictions and troubles and free me from my distresses and anguishes. Protect, defend, lead, guide and stay with me
Pray for my Mom, Maria. She is not well, and has been in the hospital for a week so far
Lord Father God Yahweh, Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, Praises and thanks be to you. Please keep me safe out of the reach of my enemies and their attacks. Bind in heaven and on earth all the works of the Darkness in my life. Protect, defend, guide me, show me grace and most of all may your will be done. Amen
Prayers are requested for several family members as they battle severe illness or mental health issues. Pray for the strength to overcome their pain and suffering.
Praises and gratitude to Lord Father God Yahweh, Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit and the holy angels; may they protect, defend, lead, guide and stay with me and most of all may our Father God’s will be done. Amen
Please pray for my mom's salvation for her healing.  She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for return to excellent health. Pray for a long life for her.  Pray for the removal of debt and financial blessings and financial security for her. Pray her possessions last a hundred times longer and will supernaturally become newer and repaired. Also, please pray for salvation, excellent health, and long life for my uncle and aunt.  Pray for salvation, healing, and a long life for my mom's boyfriend who has cancer.  In the name of Jesus Yeshua Hamashiach Amen ................Please Pray for me that I get married real soon.  In JESUS Name.  I've been praying for this since 1995.
Praises and gratitude to Lord Father God Yahweh, Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit and the holy angels; may they protect, defend, lead, guide and stay with me and most of all may our Father God’s will be done. Amen
Prayers for my mother. My mother got liver cancer and gall bladder stone.  Only Son of God, Jesus Christ, heal my mother ????. Plz continue prayers ???? I'm from India
Lord Father God Yahweh, Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, Praises and Thanks be to you. I call on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel for his help, justice, protection, defense and guidance against my enemies attacks through the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
Pray for a good outcome for employment and health of body and mind.  Blessings.
Pray for a good friend so he can accept and have strength to face his cancer treatments.
Requesting prayers for a relative (and his family) suffering complications from Parkinsons.
Requesting prayers for a family member who suffered a massive heart attack. Prayer for his family also

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