Prayer Requests

"The Church, in all of her members, has the mission to practice the prayer of intercession: to intercede for others."

- Pope Francis

Please share your prayer requests for us so we can pray for you.


Please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters who have shared the following prayer requests with us. Note that we may not post every request we receive due to the personal nature of some requests. Whether your request appears below or not, rest assured that we have received your request and we are lifting your intentions up in prayer.
For strength, peace and healing for my wife, who is recovering from a stroke
Please pray for my daughter and her husband and their unborn baby boy. They found fluid in his chest and kidneys on the 20 week ultrasound. Drs don’t know exactly what’s happening. They had genetic counseling and will have another ultrasound in 2 weeks. They are not sure the baby will survive. Please pray for the three of them. They are very scared
Requesting prayers asking the Holy Spirit to help direct decisions for a worsening medical situation, and to inspire the doctors on which is the correct course of differing medical opinions
Please pray for those suffering from mental illness and for those separated from their families because of their condition
Please pray for a family friend recently diagnosed with cancer. Prayers are needed for him and his medical teams. Dear God bless him with complete healing...if it be Your will. Amen
Prayers are requested for those who are scheduled for upcoming surgeries and pray also for the medical teams performing the surgery and aftercare
Please add my sister, who lives in Illinois, to your prayer list. She told me today she has a new stage-3 cancer diagnosis.
Pray for my Mom. She is not well, and has been in the hospital for a week so far
Prayers are requested for several family members as they battle severe illness or mental health issues. Pray for the strength to overcome their pain and suffering.
Pray for a good outcome for employment and health of body and mind.  Blessings.
Pray for a good friend so he can accept and have strength to face his cancer treatments.
Requesting prayers for a family member who suffered a massive heart attack. Prayer for his family also
Seeking a good steady job to supplement income and also good mental health for daily success. Blessings.
For a Catholic husband
Please pray I will receive a call allowing me to see our little girl soon and reunite our family soon. Thank you
I have so much faith in you, and I know you will listen to my prayer. Please let my fiance get out of jail this Wednesday. He has paid for his wrongs and just needs to get out to get a new start in his life. Please keep him from bad and harm's way so he will never be in this situation again. I ask you with much faith and an open heart to please assist him in this most desperate time of need, and let him get out of jail. 
Please pray for a special friend recently diagnosed with a serious medical issue. Pray for making the right choice in treatment options, the medical team, a successful plan, and complete recovery. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
To improve my breathing and to be well.
I request prayers for healing and family problems.
Thankful for my gifts of faith and healing.  Praying that I keep prospering financially.
Please pray for no cancer and positive results for my son today on his medical tests.
Hello prayer warrior. I'm asking for prayers that my kids' benefits will be released unto them. It's a week late. It's some kind of delay or hold up. They need their food and prayers for financial breakthrough.
Please pray for my adult nephew.  He is very mean- spirited and a trouble maker. He mistreats his mother and his poor cousins.
Please pray for the restoration of the relationship of my daughter and son-in-law and for the Lord to protect them and their family.  In Jesus's name, Amen. 
Please pray for my good friends, a husband and wife, both suffering with nasty cases of Covid
I pray for those struggling to pay their rent and for those searching for affordable housing.
Please pray for me; I am very sick
Please pray for the healing of my mother from illness, and may God in His mercy grant her complete healing.  Thank you.
Prayers for strength, peace, and healing for my friend’s husband who is fighting bladder cancer.
Prayer needed for housing, protection, and that God would grant me favor.
Pray for those impacted by hurricanes Fiona and Ian.
Requesting prayers for a family member hospitalized in Florida waiting on surgery. The hospital is on "lock-down," so no one is able to be with her
Please pray for my wife to return home to me . She's been gone over a month of a 7 month marriage. She won't speak to or see me . I think she reads my texts. She's living with people who don't have her best interests at heart and are drawing her into their drug use & culture. We both have a rough past, but she's the one who brought me to Christ. To be honest, I wasn't a good man. She made me want to be a better man. I can't reach her heart, but pray everyday she comes home and away from them. This behavior is against everything I know she believes. It's destroying our marriage. I'm losing all hope. I've told her it's ok, come home. I don't care. We can face this together. Nothing is working. Please pray for us, for our marriage, and especially her deliverance from this & safety. I honestly don't know what I would do if anything happens to her. I don't want to be that guy again. She's my heart tho, so maybe a little prayer I don't go down that path. Thank you
Kindly please pray for the healing of my mental illness. Thank you very much.

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