Music Ministry

“One Lord, One Faith, One Song”

The St. Noel Music Ministry is made up of dedicated individuals who place high regard on being not just musicians, but truly ministers. We strive not only to make the prayer of our parish richer through beautiful, well-executed music, but also to serve our community and one another. As a group we worship and as a group we celebrate each other’s joys and lift one another up in times of sorrow.

With praise and thanksgiving we make music before the Lord.

Adult Choir

The St. Noel choir has over 80 members and is a true demographic sampling of the St. Noel community. Young and old, men and women, avid musician and novice singer alike all unite to sing together in praise of God. Each Thuesday 7-8:30 p.m. we prepare the music for the upcoming weekend liturgies as well as for approaching feast days and concerts.

Members attend the weekend liturgy of their choice so a choral presence is heard at each Mass and the choir members can still enjoy a flexible weekend schedule. Making this happen successfully requires a tremendous amount of hard work, but our smiles and laughter tell the real story. We enjoy our ministry. We enjoy each other. We enjoy being the vessels of God’s music. This group rehearses at 7:00 on Tuesday and is open to anyone who worships regularly at St. Noel and loves to sing.


Adult Bell Choir

The handbell program at St. Noel began in the early 1990’s with the purchase of two octaves of handbells by then director, Kevin Keil.  Eight ringers met weekly to prepare music that was rung at Christmastime and for occasional Sunday Masses.  Bells were also occasionally added to psalm responses and other choral music.  Kevin also began the tradition of having handbells present at graveside services following funerals for St. Noel parishioners.

The handbell program began expansion in 2002 under the direction of Marc Weagraff and later Elke White, first to three octaves, then quickly to four octaves and eventually 5+ octaves.  The number of ringers has grown over the years also, with 14 ringers currently in the group and room for more.  The music played ranges from intermediate to advanced in difficulty, and encompasses a variety of styles.   The handbells ring approximately once a month at weekend Masses, and are present at Christmas and Easter and at the music ministry Epiphany and Pentecost concerts.  Ringers also regularly bring music in to the community, travelling to other churches, to hospitals and nursing homes, and to other venues such as handbell festivals.

Membership in the adult handbell choir is open to anyone who is able to read music and ringers do not need to be parishioners of St. Noel.  Past experience ringing handbells is NOT necessary, nor is experience playing piano or organ.  If you played violin in the school orchestra as a youth, trombone in the marching band, or any other instrument, chances are that you can do very well with handbells.  New ringers work one on one with Elke White for several weeks to learn basic technique and then are paired with more experienced ringers at rehearsals, ringing the same position on duplicate bells.  All ringers are encouraged to move to different positions and master new techniques whenever the opportunity arises, so learning is ongoing.  St. Noel’s handbell program is unique in that ringers are not required to make long term commitments in order to ring with the group.  Regular attendance at Thursday evening rehearsals is absolutely essential, but that commitment can be as short as a few months or even a few weeks in some cases.

If you would like more information please contact Elke White at [email protected] or call (440)477-4861 (no texts).


Community Choir

Community Choir was founded in 2013 to bring music and joy to these who can’t go to the church or to the concerts. This group regularly visit nursing homes, assistance leaving and  senior centers. Choir practice every second and forth Thursdays 11:00-12:00 the church.



St. Noel Concert Choir

The St. Noel Concert Choir is a 17 voice choir that consists primarily of St. Noel Music ministry members and a few members from outside the community chosen by audition. The purpose of this group is to sing not only at liturgy, but also to help bring the message of the gospel, through music, out into the community. The Concert Choir  have sung in a number of formal concert venues. In 2010 Concert Choir was a finalist of Jubilation Festival. With repertoire that includes everything from renaissance motets to modern classical works to vocal jazz, the chamber singers surely have something to offer everyone.

Resurrection Choir

This is a rewarding choir that ministers to families in their time of need.  If you are available to attend funeral liturgies, you are invited to join this choir.  Our members have big hearts and are dedicated to ministering to our grieving brothers and sisters during the time of loss. We meet 30 minutes before the funeral. We also support the family with singing and prayers during burial ceremony.

Young Voices

This musical opportunity is open for children grade 3-8. We meet Tuesdays 6:00-6:30 p.m. We sing during weekend Masses together with Adult Choir.

youth-bell-choirYouth Bell Choir

Youth Bell Choir is open to students grade 3-12. This vibrant group rehearsals are Wednesdays 5:00-5:50 p.m. at the Lower Level. We ring once a month during weekend Masses.


Cantors are our leaders of song in celebration at weekend Masses and at special seasonal and holiday celebrations.  Cantors are also members of parish choirs.  Extra practice schedules will be arranged at convenient times.

The St. Noel Instrumentalists

“Whatever your gift, use it for the glory of God.” With this motto in mind, St. Noel has developed a richly diverse and growing ministry of instrumentalists. Led by the Steinway piano (or sometimes the organ) and three keyboardists, the group has several guitarists, two flautists, a clarinetist, two bassist, an oboist, a bassoonist, a recorder player and several people who are willing to take up a rhythm instrument from bongo drums to ratchet and tambourine. For those instruments for which no written part exists to a particular piece, one can be written out or sometimes improvised. Our instrumentalists rehearse with the adult choir on Thursdays and often double as singers either while playing or during an a capella piece as the instruments are resting. We are always interested in exploring new possibilities and in welcoming new instruments to our merry band. “Give praise with blasts upon the horn, praise God with harp and lyre. Give praise with tambourines and dance, praise God with flutes and strings. Give praise with crashing cymbals, praise God with sounding cymbals.” PSALMS 150:3-5.

CD- How Can We Keep from Singing?

You can now hear the St. Noel Choir, Chamber Singers, and Handbell Choir whenever you wish with one of our newly released CD’s entitled “How Can We Keep from Singing?”. This recording includes music for every season of the year including favorites such as “O Holy Night,” Randall Thompson’s “Alleluia” and the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah . The cost is $15 for one CD, $25 for two CD’s, $35 for three CD’s, and four or more are just $10/each. If you are interested in purchasing for yourself or as a gift, please click on “contact us” and we will let you know how to order. A complete title listing follows:
The St. Noel Choir performs:
He Will Come!
Voces Angelorum
O Holy Night
Take, Lord, Receive
Thy Will Be Done
Hallelujah from Messiah
Lift Up Your Hearts
The St. Noel Chamber Singers perform:
On Jordan’s Bank
Jesus, Oh, What A Wonderful Child
Sing Me to Heaven
How Can I Keep from Singing?

The St. Noel Handbell Choir performs:
What Child Is This?
O Sacred Head
Celebration on ‘Hyfrydol’

Anyone interested in being a part of it can contact me through the link below or phone me in care of the parish at 440-946-0887.