Music Ministry

“One Lord, One Faith, One Song”

One of the most cherished aspects of worship life at St. Noel is sung prayer. From the very beginning and in nearly every aspect of our parish life, our Music Ministry has served this community with love, welcome, hard work, and beauty. Our members range from professional musicians to first-time music makers, from grandparents to grandkids. We welcome all and rejoice in every vocal and instrumental musician who joins us. No auditions are required; we encourage you to audition us! Join us anytime (September-May) for our Thursday night rehearsals to try Music Ministry out for yourself... and we'll be there to answer your questions and welcome you into the family.

For more information or to join our Music Ministry, please contact Tony Ward.

Parish Choir

The St. Noel Parish Choir is the cornerstone of the ministry program. This all-volunteer, non-auditioned ensemble rehearses as a unified choir on Thursday nights; on the weekends, each member attends the Mass best suited to their life and schedule and leads the assembly in singing for Masses. On major feasts and solemnities—and for the occasional concert!— the Parish Choir sings as one, bringing more than fifty singers together.

Ministry: all weekend Masses, Holy Days, and major feasts and Solemnities such as Easter and Christmas
Rehearsals: Thursdays, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm (9:00 pm in the weeks leading up to a major celebration)


In addition to singing with our Parish Choir, skilled vocalists are invited to take on the role of Cantor. This ministry involves leading and proclaiming the Responsorial Psalm, inviting the assembly to sing our ritual acclamations, and occasionally singing verses of songs with congregational refrains. This ministry requires some independent preparation, but always with the support of the Music Director. For more information on the ministry of Cantor, contact Tony.

Ministry: weekend and holy day Masses as scheduled, based on your availability.


Accompanists, guitarists, percussionists— instrumental musicians of all kinds— bring a new level of life and beauty to every liturgical celebration! St. Noel welcomes instrumental musicians to join us, from youth to retirees! We'll provide you with the music you need to take part. A few years of experience with your instrument and music reading ability are highly recommended. Contact Tony for details.

Resurrection Choir

For music ministers whose daily schedule allows, the Resurrection Choir provides a moving and deeply appreciated ministry to families who gather to remember and celebrate a loved one. The Resurrection Choir meets 30 minutes prior to each funeral liturgy.

Bell Choir

For nearly thirty years, the Bell Choir at St. Noel has been a vibrant and cherished part of our Music Ministry program, not only adding beautiful reflection pieces but actively leading congregational worship in Sunday Masses and major celebrations. The Bell Choir reaches beyond our parish as well, collaborating with other ensembles, taking part in area festivals and workshops, and ringing for the community. Membership is open to anyone high school age or older who is able to read music, and ringers do not need to be parishioners of St. Noel in order to be a part of our program.

Ministry: weekend Masses, Holy Days, and major feasts and Solemnities such as Easter and Christmas
Rehearsals: Thursdays, 6:00–7:00
For more information, visit the Bell Choir page or contact Elke White.

What about kids?

Glad you asked! We're asking too, as we're discerning how to revive our youth Music Ministry after a long COVID hiatus. For information or to tell us about your musical kid, visit the Musical Kids! page.