September 2022 archive of News

September 2022 archive of News

40th Anniversary Blessings for the Food Pantry

Posted by Anthony Camino on 9/27/22

When St. Noel parishioners Karen & Greg McCarthy invited guests to their 40th wedding anniversary celebration, they wanted to offer them a wonderful chance to make a difference.  Rather than a gift for themselves, Karen & Greg encouraged their guests to bring a non-perishable food item to the party, ... Read More »

In the Beginning Was the Word: Beauty in Creation

Posted by Brian Myers on 9/24/22

We had over 80 participants at Wednesday's opening GIFT session: Beauty in Creation. Thank you to all who made it a part of their evening, and to those who ensured its success. Beginning our discourse on beauty and how it is related to the good and the true, excerpts from ... Read More »


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