Endowment Fund

Our Mission Statement: The St Noel Endowment Fund invests donations to support current parish ministries and to secure the future of the parish community.

The St. Noel Endowment Fund is an investment in the enrichment and well-being of St. Noel community.  The Endowment Fund helps to support parish ministries that meet social, youth, religious and surrounding area needs related to parishoners and the community in general.

Annually,  board members determine how earnings from the Fund will be allocated. Bequests can be made to the Fund under direction of a will,  in memory of a loved one, or as a direct transfer from an IRA distribution.  Donations also can be made in the form of cash or highly appreciated securities, which may result in a tax deduction for the donor.

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Endowment Funding for 2019:

  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor meals–$6,000
  • Parish Spaghetti Dinner–$5,500
  • Liturgy Expenses-Father Terry’s Installation–$3,000
  • CEPROSI Visit–$2,500
  • Parish Farewell – Father George’s Retirement–$1,500
  • After-Mass Social Gathering coffee/pastries–$1,250
  • GIFT Speaker Honorarium–$1,000

Current Trustees:

  • Kathleen Penko, Chair
  • Janice Cackowski
  • Ross DeJohn Jr.
  • Kristen Kraus
  • Scott Andrew Mills
  • William Pattie
  • James Penko
  • Judith Schrefler
  • Frank Vitale

For further information contact the parish office at 440-946-0887, or a trustee.