Marriage Preparation

Engaged couples who are parishioners and wish to be married at St. Noel Church are asked to contact Fr. Terry Grachanin at the parish office (440-946-0887). This contact should be made at least six months before the desired date for the wedding so that the necessary marriage preparation can take place.

Although adaptations are often made for couples who live out of the Cleveland area, the usual marriage preparation takes place in four phases.

  1. The couples discusses with the presider at their wedding the Prepare and Enrich Program which is a compatibility instrument intended to assist the couple in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship.
  2. The couple meet with a specially trained married couple who will meet with them four times before their wedding and share with them their own experience in Christian married life.
  3. The couple meets with Tony Ward, St. Noel’s parish music director, to choose the music and to arrange other aspects of their wedding liturgy.
  4. Arrangements will be made with the presider to schedule a rehearsal for the wedding. This usually takes place one or two days before the wedding itself.