Infant Baptism

Parents wishing to present their infant children for baptism are expected to participate in a Baptism preparation session. The session is designed to acquaint the parents with a viable understanding of the meaning of baptism and the responsibilities which flow from it. It also provides a friendly setting in which parents preparing for the baptism of their children can meet each other and support one another as members of the same faith community.  This preparation is required only once per family.

Infant baptisms at St. Noel are usually celebrated as part of the weekend liturgies. Parents are free to choose for their child’s baptism any liturgy which is not already scheduled with other special celebrations. In special circumstances infant baptism may be celebrated after the noon mass on Sunday.

Older children of catechetical age who have not been baptized are invited to prepare for their baptism, confirmation and first eucharist by participating in a children’s catechumenate. This is a process with other children and their families wherein the child grows into an awareness of God’s love and the importance of the church community.

Registration for baptism preparation and scheduling for the baptisms themselves can be made at any time by calling the parish office (440-946-0887).