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THE WEDNESDAY REPORT: November 8, 2023

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Thank you again for all the hard work, dedication, and servant leadership you gave to the gauntlet of liturgies we've celebrated over the last ten days or so! With All Saints and All Souls behind us, it's time to focus on the Advent and Christmas seasons to come. (I just added the First Sunday of Advent to the "Looking Ahead" section below!)

Getting a Head Start

If you would like to get ahead of the game before tomorrow night's rehearsal, take a look at these Advent/Christmas pieces in JourneySongs:

  • JS 284 · Christ, Circle Round Us, Dan Schutte
    Dan combined the "O" Antiphons of the last week of Advent and the chant Salve, Regina into a gentle and prayerful meditation, perfect for gathering us together this season. Each weekend, we'll sing two verses (see the selections sheets for details).
  • JS 261 · Christmas Season Gospel Acclamation, Barbara Bridge
    A simple, short, and sweet acclamation that blends seamlessly with so many of our favorite Christmas pieces. The acclamation verses for Christmas are included; we'll sing Advent verses on the same chant tones (I'll send these to cantors soon).
  • JS 248–253 · Mass of Glory, Ken Canedo and Bob Hurd
    Our Eucharistic acclamations will come from this familiar and gospel-driven setting. We'll use the Holy, We Proclaim Your Death, Amen, and Lamb of God.

Reminder: Volunteers for Next Concert

Our next Concert Series event is ten days away (Saturday, November 18, 7 pm), a return performance by the wonderful Cleveland Celtic Ensemble. I'm in need of 2-4 volunteers to greet our audience members, hand out programs, and lend a hand to our guests when needed. If you can assist, thank you! Please drop me a line if interested.

Mass of Encounter Survey

A reminder that I'm asking for feedback— positive or otherwise!— on my Mass setting, Mass of Encounter. The survey can be taken online at, or on paper in the narthex. Thanks to everyone who've already responded!


Pick up:

  • 2.013 · Psalm 98: Complete Setting (Ward)
  • Song sheets for November 12/19, November 23/26

Turn in/Recycle:

  • handout · Psalm 131: I Have Found My Peace (Ward)

Rehearsal Agenda:

  • 7:00 pm · WEEKEND REP
    • 2.018 · Psalm 63: My Soul Is Thirsting (Ward), p 14
    • 3.066 · Bread for the World (Farrell)
    • JS 261 · Christmas Season Gospel Acclamation (Bridge)
    • JS 268 · O God, Hear Us (Hurd)
    • JS 284 · Christ, Circle Round Us (Schutte)
  • 8:30 pm (or as time allows) · Workshop all four pieces
    • Blest Be the Star
    • Jubilate Deo
    • O Magnum Mysterium
    • The Angel Gabriel



1.004 · Mass of Encounter · Hear melody demos now at

NOVEMBER 12 · Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gathering: BB 556 · JS 598 · Sing a New Song (Schutte)

Responsorial Psalm: WA · 2.018e · Psalm 63: My Soul Is Thirsting (Ward) Practice track available on Cantāmus

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 472 · JS 696 · In Every Age (Whitaker)

Communion: BB 461 · 2.010 · Ps 23: Shepherd Me, O God (Haugen)

Sending Forth: BB 580 · JS 753 · In the Day of the Lord (Ridge)

LOOKING AHEAD                

NOVEMBER 19 · Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gathering:  BB 410 · JS 647 · Lord of All Hopefulness (SLANE/Struther)

Responsorial Psalm: BB 814 · JS 105 · Ps 128: O Blessed Are Those (Inwood)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 441 · 3.058 · O God, You Search Me (Farrell)

Communion: WA · 3.059 · I Received the Living God (French carol, arr. Ward)

Sending Forth: BB 426 · JS 830 · Sing a New Church (NETTLETON/Dufner)

NOVEMBER 23 · Thanksgiving Day: Mass at 9:00 am

Gathering:  BB 305 · JS 766 · Gather the People (Schutte) 

Responsorial Psalm: WA · JS 92 · Ps 113: Blessed Be the Name of the Lord (Mayernik)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 612 · JS 609 · For the Beauty of the Earth (Kocher/Dix) 

Communion: BB 347 · JS 789 · Taste and See (Kendzia)

Sending Forth: WA · 3.069 · In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful (Taizé)           

NOVEMBER 26 · Christ the King

Gathering: WA · 3.065 · Laudate Dominum (Taizé) 

Responsorial Psalm: WA · 2.017 · Psalm 23: Complete Setting (Ward) 

Preparation of the Gifts: WA · 3.066 · Bread for the World (Farrell)   

Communion: BB 359 · 3.061 · Take and Eat (Joncas)

Sending Forth: WA · 3.071 · Sent Forth as Light (Ward)



Gospel Acclamation: JS 261 · Christmas Season Gospel Acclamation, Barbara Bridge

Prayer of the Faithful: JS 268 · O God, Hear Us, Bob Hurd

Eucharistic Acclamations: JS 248–253 · Mass of Glory, Ken Canedo and Bob Hurd

DECEMBER 3 · First Sunday of Advent

Gathering: BB 57 · JS 284 · Christ, Circle Round Us (Schutte)

Responsorial Psalm: BB 790 · JS 60 · Ps 80: The Vineyard of the Lord/ Lord, Make Us Turn to You (Keil)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 47 · JS 282 · The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns (MORNING SONG)

Communion: BB 355 · JS 788 · Bread of Life (Farrell)

Sending Forth: BB 43 · JS 297 · People, Look East (BESANÇON)


MUSIC SELECTIONS: Ordinary Time III (Fall: September 3–November 26, 2023)

MUSIC SELECTIONS: Advent and Christmas (December 3, 2023–January 7, 2024)

MUSIC SELECTIONS: Ordinary Time I (Winter: January 14–February 11, 2024)





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