March 2022 archive of Worship Blog

March 2022 archive of Worship Blog


Posted by Tony Ward on 3/30/22

Dear Partners in Ministry,

HOW is it almost April already?! We are only 16 days from the first night of the Triduum. While there still is some work to do, I thank you for the hard work you’ve already put in. The stress of throwing Triduum together in such ... Read More »


Posted by Tony Ward on 3/23/22

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Our ministry family has lost a sister in Bernadette O’Hanlon, a founding member of our parish and a dear friend of so many of you. I barely got to meet Bernadette in my short time with you thus far, but I knew that she was ... Read More »

Triduum and Easter Selections Available

Posted by Tony Ward on 3/18/22

Dear Partners in Ministry,

It's still a bit of a work in progress, but the music selections for Triduum and Easter Sunday can now be accessed at

As I get the Sundays of Easter planned I'll add them as well.


The Wednesday Report : March 16, 2022

Posted by Tony Ward on 3/16/22

THE WEDNESDAY REPORT March 16, 2022: The Bringin' of the Green 

Dear Partners in Ministry,

It’s late on Wednesday afternoon, so pardon the brevity here!  Louis Pelton Funeral This Saturday

As many of you already know, Mary Pelton’s father, Louis, died this weekend. His funeral Mass will be celebrated ... Read More »

Get to Know the (other) Mass of Renewal

Posted by Tony Ward on 3/12/22

Dear St. Noel family,

Over the next few weeks, we'll begin celebrating with another Mass of Renewal, this one a more contemporary setting by Curtis Stephan. Click the titles of each acclamation to visit YouTube for the official videos from OCP, If you'd like to get to know this setting ... Read More »

The Wednesday Report: March 9, 2022

Posted by Tony Ward on 3/09/22

THE WEDNESDAY REPORT March 9, 2022: Tags, Tracks, and... Killer Plants? UPDATED MARCH 11

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Thank you for a wonderful start to our Lenten Season (it’s been a week already?!). The feedback I’ve received from staff and parishioners has been so uplifting. In particular, they’re elated ... Read More »

The Wednesday Report: March 2, 2022

Posted by Tony Ward on 3/01/22

THE WEDNESDAY REPORT March 2, 2022: It’s Lent. I shouldn’t be this happy.

Dear Partners in Ministry,

I’m writing this on Mardi Gras, enjoying the view of this beautiful campus from my office, looking at the melting snow and finding myself amused that nature can’t seem to settle on ... Read More »


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