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Dear Partners in Ministry,

HOW is it almost April already?! We are only 16 days from the first night of the Triduum. While there still is some work to do, I thank you for the hard work you’ve already put in. The stress of throwing Triduum together in such a short time has been nothing compared to peace of mind I have at knowing you all put so much of who you are into these holy days. 

Lots to discuss today…. Let’s dive in!

Holy Week Rehearsal?

I’d like to know whether you’d be amenable to/available for a rehearsal on Tuesday or Wednesday of Holy Week, just to give us a final opportunity to polish up, fix issues, and be fully prepared for the weekend. Please give this some thought and I’ll voice-poll this question at rehearsal tomorrow night.

Volunteers Needed Sunday to Change Today’s Missal Issue

This is the last weekend for the current Today’s Missal, and the staff has a wonderful way to make this happen while engaging some of our youngest members of the community. We’ll ask the congregation to remove and stack the old TM books at the end of the 11 am Mass. Then, we’re inviting our First Communion families to join us in switching the books out. We’d need ten volunteers from Music Ministry to “adopt” one of these families each, providing guidance and encouragement. If you’d like to volunteer, just drop me a line.

First Reconciliation and Parish Reconciliation Coming Up!

Two additional opportunities to minister together for the Sacrament of Penance are on the way. Our First Communicants will celebrate their first experience of the sacrament this Saturday at 1:30. We’ll sing the Taizé “In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful” and “Glory and Praise to Our God.”

Choir Communion: A few clarifications

Since I’ve arrived, we’ve identified a few issues with communion distribution, and leading the communion song. After discussion with my colleagues, here are some important changes and clarifications:

  • In order to retain the symbolic engagement of the Body of Christ receiving as one, we will continue receiving from the central aisle with the rest of the assembly.
  • The choir will move all together to receive Communion. We’ll leave row by row, from front to back, leaving from your right side. Whoever leads this movement needs to begin moving as soon as we finish the response “Lord, I am not worthy … and my soul shall be healed.”
  • Several of our parishioners have commented to my colleagues that it’s nice to hear the choir singing while in the Communion procession… so it’s a different form of ministry, but an equally beneficial one.
  • I would ask for one volunteer from each section (one of whom is the Cantor) to stay and lead the singing while the rest of the choir receives. These 3-4 singers should gather together during the Sign of Peace.
  • A designated Communion Minister will come to choir as before to distribute to those not processing.
  • The accompanist will always play for the duration of the congregational singing. As soon as this portion of the song concludes, the accompanist and other instrumentalists (and I) will receive Communion. As soon as I have received, I will step in to improvise during the purification of the vessels. Having this be the consistent plan makes this otherwise awkward moment much more manageable. If there is a brief silence while we receive, that’s okay.

Rehearsal Notes: March 30

April 3 repertoire:

  • Earthen Vessels
  • Only This I Want
  • Ps 126: The Lord Has Done Great Things (we’ll rehearse Saturday’s psalm before Mass)

April 10 repertoire:

  • Hosanna
  • Ps 22: My God, My God
  • Jesus, the Lord

BREAK (Those not singing for the Triduum are free to leave)

Holy Thursday/Good Friday

  • Glory to the Christ
  • Panis Angelicus
  • Seven Last Words

Easter Vigil  Psalmists: please be ready to review your respective psalms next Thursday!

  • Springs of Water, Bless the Lord
  • O God, Hear Us
  • Three Days

This Week in Liturgy

APRIL 3, 2022 · Fifth Sunday of Lent

Both sets of readings this weekend speak to God having our back, delivering us to newness of life—whether from the perils of exile, from the judgement of others, even from death itself. Our psalms are very different expressions of this same mercy and providence; Our Year A psalm is a plaintive but faithful song of trust in God and hope in Israel’s redemption, while Sunday’s selection is a jubilant acknowledgment of God’s goodness already shown to the Israelites after being rescued from captivity.

  • Gathering Song: Earthen Vessels, John Foley, SJ [MI 408 · JS 639]
  • Responsorial Psalm (Saturday): With the Lord There Is Mercy, Rick Modlin [MI 816 · JS 108]
  • Responsorial Psalm (Sunday): The Lord Has Done Great Things, Ricky Manalo [WA · JS 104]
  • Prep of Gifts: Only This I Want, Dan Schutte [MI 499 · JS 732]
  • Communion: Unless a Grain of Wheat, Bernadette Farrell [MI 498 · JS 725]
  • Sending Forth: instrumental, Only This I Want

APRIL 10 · Palm Sunday

  • Procession with Palms: Hosanna!, Francis P. O’Brien [score]
  • Responsorial Psalm: Ps 22: My God, My God, John Schiavone [WA · JS 21]
  • Prep of Gifts: Jesus, the Lord, Roc O’Connor, SJ [MI 411 · JS 467]
  • Communion: Behold the Lamb of God, Bob Dufford, SJ [TM 54 [JS 386]
  • Sending Forth: we conclude in respectful silence as we enter into Holy Week.


Lent and Holy Week (March 2–April 10, 2022)

Triduum and Easter (April 14–June 5, 2022) 

Peace be with you,



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