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Dear Partners in Ministry,

First of all: thank you so much for your part in a wonderful weekend celebration of our 40th anniversary in the church! Year #41 promises to be an exciting one, so read on... 

Gaudete! Concert Repertoire

First up, I wanted to confirm that we will indeed present our second Gaudete! concert on Sunday, December 17 at 4:00 pm, as part of this year's Concert Series. You were a huge hit last year and I can't wait to experience this holiday event with you again.

This year's concert will feature four parts: Annunciation, Expectation, Revelation, and Jubilation. I've selected the four choral pieces we'll contribute to the concert, which will intersperse with three pieces by our Bell Choir, organ works, sing-alongs, and more. Have a listen and enjoy... you're going to knock these out of the park!

Cantamus tracks a-coming...

Blest Be the Star, Christoper Willcock: a lovely and original hymn tune, combining Marian devotion and the hopeful message of Advent into a beautiful text. This one might just end up in our Advent congregational repertoire.

Jubilate Deo, Peter Anglea: I first encountered this little gem in grad school. This medium-difficulty piece "lives" the text so well, deftly written and full of energy. This will be a little bit of a rhythmic challenge, but once you're in the "groove" of it, you'll love it.

O Magnum Mysterium, Evan Ramos: I'm on my who-knows-how-many-th listening of this piece and I'm still getting goosebumps. What it accomplishes in emotion, harmonic goodness, and textual expression in such a short time is truly remarkable.

The Angel Gabriel, Basque carol, arr. me: Long before I tried my hand at arranging this carol, it had worked its way into my heart.
No recording yet, but I'll endeavor to fix that ASAP. 

The Fall and Winter Playbook...

The next big stretch of Ordinary Time begins the week after next, September 2-3. As you know, we'll be introducing the new Mass of Encounter throughout September and into October, so this setting will be a priority in our rehearsals. And, as crazy as it sounds, it'll be time to dive into our four selections for Gaudete! in just two weeks. These two projects, in addition to our weekend rep, give us plenty to do on our Thursday nights! We also have some standout liturgical celebrations in the coming months, and that's before Advent even begins. So, with all that in mind, here's an overview of what I hope to accomplish together each Thursday night (in addition to weekend stuff), along with some important dates to keep in mind.

Subject to change, but only if we can't avoid it!

Thu, Aug 24
Mass of Encounter: Holy (SATB), Lamb of God (SATB), Glory to God (melody)

Thu, Aug 31
Mass of Encounter: Review and troubleshoot Holy–Lamb of God; Glory to God (melody); Gospel Acclamation (melody)

Sat/Sun, Sep 2-3
Mass of Encounter: it begins...

Mon, Sep 4
Labor Day; Mass at 9:00 am

Thu, Sep 7
Mass of Encounter: Sing through all; Gospel Acclamation (SATB)
Jubilate Deo: NRW (Notes, Rhythms, and Words) mm 1-9
O Magnum Mysterium: NRW mm 1–11
Blest Be the Star: melody
The Angel Gabriel: NRW v. 1-2

Thu, Sep 14
Mass of Encounter: Review and troubleshoot everything so far
Jubilate Deo: NRW mm 1-38
O Magnum Mysterium: NRW mm 1–11
Blest Be the Star: NRW
The Angel Gabriel: NRW v. 3

Thu, Sep 21
No rehearsal. 
My boys and I have family plans involving the Guardians. =)

Thu, Sep 28
Mass of Encounter: Glory to God (SATB, mm 1-16)
Jubilate Deo: Review and troubleshoot 1-38
O Magnum Mysterium: Review 1-11, NRW mm 12-fine
Blest Be the Star: Review
The Angel Gabriel: Review v 1-3

Thu, Oct 5
Mass of Encounter: Glory to God (SATB, mm 17-29)
Jubilate Deo: NRW mm 39-60
O Magnum Mysterium: NRW Review and troubleshoot 
Blest Be the Star: NRW Review and troubleshoot 
The Angel Gabriel: Review v 4

Thu, Oct 12
Mass of Encounter: Glory to God (SATB, 30-fine)
Jubilate Deo: Review 39-60, NRW 61-fine
O Magnum Mysterium: working in dynamics, phrasing
Blest Be the Star: working in dynamics, phrasing
The Angel Gabriel: Review and troubleshoot 

Thu, Oct 19
Mass of Encounter: Glory to God review; we'll add SATB at Mass the following weekend
Gaudete Rep: dynamics, phrasing

Sun, Oct 22
Parish Feast Day (Memorial of N. American Martyrs): full choir for livestreamed Mass (more info later)

Thu, Oct 26
Advent/Christmas preparation begins
Gaudete Rep: dynamics, phrasing

Wed, Nov 1
All Saints Day; Masses at 8:30 am, 7:00 pm

Thu, Nov 2
All Souls Day Memorial Mass, 7:00 pm, in lieu of rehearsal. Full choir (since you'd be there anyway...)

Thu, Nov 9
Advent/Christmas/Gaudete Prep

Thu, Nov 16
Advent/Christmas/Gaudete Prep

Thu, Nov 23
Thanksgiving Day; Mass 9:00 am; no rehearsal

Thu, Nov 30
Advent/Christmas/Gaudete Prep

Thu, Dec 7/Fri, Dec 8
Immaculate Conception; rehearsal and Mass schedule TBD

Thu, Dec 14
Gaudete Final Rehearsal, in concert setup

Sun, Dec 17
Gaudete Concert (finally!), 4:00 pm

Thu, Dec 21
The Great Pre-Christmas Night Off (With Advent IV and Christmas Eve on Sunday, we'll have plenty to do, so rest up and get ready)

Sun, Dec 24
Advent IV (Sunday) Mass, 10 am only
Christmas Eve Masses (TBD)

Mon, Dec 25
Christmas Day; Mass TBD

Thu, Dec 28
No rehearsal

Reminder: Volunteers Needed...

Our parishioners will need the printed music for our new Mass setting, of course, and I've decided to create an insert which will be placed in the front pocket of the missal covers. I'm looking for 4-8 volunteers to help get this little project done on Thursday, August 31 in the afternoon. If you're available and able to help, just send me an email. Thanks in advance!


Rehearsal Agenda:

  • JS 824 · Christ, Be Our Light (Farrell)
  • JS 830 · Sing a New Church (NETTLETON/Dufner)
  • handout · Psalm 138: Your Love Is Eternal (Ward)
  • 2.018e · Psalms, Volume I; Psalm 63: My Soul Is Thirsting (Ward), p. 14
  • 3.010 · Canticle of the Turning (Cooney)
  • 3.059 · I Received the Living God (French carol, arr. Ward)
  • 1.004 · Mass of Encounter (Ward): Holy (SATB), Lamb of God (SATB), Glory to God (melody)



Glory to God: BB 884 · 1.001 · Mass of Creation (Haugen)

Gospel Acclamation: BB 946 · JS 264 · Celtic Alleluia (O'Carroll/C. Walker)

Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations: BB 885-887 · 1.001 · Mass of Creation (Haugen)

Lamb of God: BB 952 · JS 789 · Lamb of God/Taste and See (Kendzia)


1.004 · Mass of Encounter. We'll transition from the summer acclamations one by one from September 3 to October 15.

Hear melody demos now at

  • Sep 3: Holy
  • Sep 10: Save Us, Savior (Mystery of Faith)
  • Sep 17: Amen I
  • Sep 24: Lamb of God
  • Oct 1: Gospel Acclamation
  • Oct 8/15: Glory to God

LOOKING AHEAD                

AUGUST 27 · Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Gathering: BB 601 · JS 824 · Christ, Be Our Light (Farrell)  

Responsorial Psalm: WA · 2.021 · Psalm 138 (Ward)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 630 · 3.010 · Canticle of the Turning (Cooney)

Communion: WA · 3.059 · I Received the Living God (French carol, arr. Ward)   

Sending Forth: BB 426 · JS 830 · Sing a New Church (NETTLETON/Dufner)

SEPTEMBER 3 · Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass of Encounter begins this weekend!

Gathering: BB 664 · JS 532 · Loving and Forgiving (Soper)

Responsorial Psalm: WA · 2.018e · Psalm 63: My Soul Is Thirsting (Ward), p. 14

Preparation of the Gifts: WA · 8.010 · Spirit of Our God (Ward)

Communion: BB 504 · JS 725 · Unless a Grain of Wheat (Farrell)   

Sending Forth: BB 693 · JS 557 · The Lord Is My Light (C. Walker)    

SEPTEMBER 10 · Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gathering: WA · 3.069 · In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful (Taizé)

Responsorial Psalm: BB 797 · JS 71 · Ps 95: If Today You Hear His Voice (Soper)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 387 · 3.026 · The Summons (KELVINGROVE/Bell, arr. Fisher)

Communion: BB 328 · JS 776 · Ubi Caritas (Hurd)  

Sending Forth: BB 529 · JS 741 · Holy Wisdom, Lamp of Learning (BEACH SPRING/Duck)


Ordinary Time II (Summer: June 4–August 27, 2023)

Ordinary Time III (Fall: September 3–November 26, 2023)



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