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Dear Partners in Ministry,

We made it! Happy Easter to you all and thank you so much for your part in making our Triduum and Easter Sunday celebrations the glorious experiences they were! This week is about resting, review, renewing, and revving up for the Easter Season to come. 

Triduum/Easter Repertoire Survey: Please Chime In!

If you haven't already done so, I really would like to hear from you about your experience of this past weekend and the selections we prayed with. This makes a direct impact on my discernment for 2024! Please take a moment before Friday night to share your thoughts at 

Tomorrow Night: The Great Post-Triduum Turn-In

Rescheduled for next week.

Now that we're on this side of the weekend, it's time to do some major binder lightening. Please be ready to hand in copies of the following pieces only:

  • 2.010 · Ps 23: Shepherd Me, O God (Haugen) (keep if you're in Resurrection Choir)
  • 2.016 · Psalm 22: My God, My God/Dios Mío, Dios Mío (Cosas)
  • 3.060 · In Your Dwelling Place (Ward) (keep if you're in Resurrection Choir)
  • 7.006 · O vos omnes (Casals)
  • 8.011 · Alleluia (Manuel)
  • Bless the Lord (Parish collaborative hymn)
  • Hosanna (O'Brien)
  • Psalm 19 (Ward)
  • Psalm 30 (Ward)
  • Triduum Extras handouts

This weekend's Psalm: “Give Thanks to the Lord”

Last year, we sang my setting of Psalm 118, "Give Thanks to the Lord," on the Second Sunday of Easter. We've arrived here again, so here's a PDF and audio recording to help get you ready for the weekend. Copies will be available tomorrow night.

April 30: Mass of Encounter Read and Review Session

As you know, the new response for the Prayer of the Faithful comes from Mass of Encountera setting I wrote last fall after getting to know the parish and which I'd like to implement this fall. However, I would never just impose this on Saint Noel without asking whether it "prays well" in the opinion of parishioners, whether the community has suggestions or concerns, and whether we want this to happen in the first place.

SO: I am inviting you to a Parish Review Session for this new setting on Sunday, April 30, following the 11 am Mass. My plan is to sing through the entire setting and ask for written and verbal feedback, to answer any questions, and to take any suggestions or critique that could make the setting better or contribute to the final decision about implementation. I'll ask for an RSVP to this event later this week, once we get the system for that in place.


Canceled: see your email for more information.

Pick up:

  • score · Ps 118: Give Thanks to the Lord (Ward)

Turn in (it's a doozy this week! See the list above.)

An hour's worth tomorrow, just to get our next few weekends in line:

  • 3.059 · I Received the Living God (French carol, arr. Ward)
  • score · Ps 118: Give Thanks to the Lord (Ward)
  • JS 405 · O (Ye) Sons and Daughters (O FILII ET FILIAE)
  • JS 599 · Halleluya! We Sing Your Praises (South African)
  • JS 771 · Our God Is Here (Muglia)



Glory to God:
Apr 16–23: BB 884 · 1.001 · Mass of Creation: Glory to God (Haugen)
May 7–May 28: BB 875 · JS 176 · Mass of Renewal: Glory to God (Stephan)

Gospel Acclamation: BB 876 · JS 177 · Mass of Renewal: Alleluia (Stephan)

Holy: BB 878 · JS 179 · Mass of Renewal: Holy (Stephan)

Prayer of the Faithful (EV/ES): WA · score · Mass of Encounter: Prayer of the Faithful (Ward)

Mystery of Faith: BB 879 · JS 180 · Mass of Renewal: We Proclaim Your Death (Stephan)

Amen: BB 882 · JS 183 · Mass of Renewal: Amen (Stephan)

Lamb of God: BB 883 · JS 184 · Mass of Renewal: Amen (Stephan)

APRIL 16 · Second Sunday of Easter

Gathering: BB 558 · JS 574 · Glory and Praise to Our God (Schutte)

Responsorial Psalm: WA · score · Ps 118: Give Thanks to the Lord (Ward)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 172 · JS 405 · O (Ye) Sons and Daughters (O FILII ET FILIAE)

Communion: BB 301 · JS 766 · Gather the People (Schutte)

Solemn Dismissal: JS 165: Easter Solemn Dismissal

Sending Forth: WA · JS 599 · Halleluya! We Sing Your Praises (South African)


APRIL 23 · Third Sunday of Easter · First Holy Communion (all Masses)

Gathering: BB 304 · JS 771 · Our God Is Here (Muglia)

Responsorial Psalm: BB 749 · JS 16 · Ps 16: You Are My Inheritance (Bridge)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 355 · JS 788 · Bread of Life (Farrell)

Communion: WA · 3.059 · I Received the Living God (French carol, arr. Ward)

Sending Forth: BB 392 · JS 821 · Celtic Alleluia: Sending Forth (O’Carroll/C. Walker)

APRIL 30 · Fourth Sunday of Easter

Gathering: BB 432 · JS 620 · All the Earth (Deiss)

Responsorial Psalm: WA · 2.017 · Psalm 23: Complete Setting (Ward)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 517 · JS 739 · O Beauty, Ever Ancient (O’Connor)

Communion: BB 332 · 3.033 · Gift of Finest Wheat (Kreutz, arr. Keil)

Sending Forth: BB 410 · JS 647 · Lord of All Hopefulness (SLANE/Struther)


Triduum and Easter Season (April 6–May 28, 2023)

Ordinary Time II (Summer: June 4–August 27, 2023) coming soon...


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