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THE WEDNESDAY REPORT: October 19, 2022

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Well, I guess Fall remembered to be cold and rainy after all, and the Guardians' Cinderella run is over, but there's plenty to look forward to ahead. I'll be out of town this weekend, but you're in good hands with Anthony, Diane, and Elke!


If a bishop is going to have anything to say about your Music Ministry program, this is what you'd hope for. Bishop Woost loved you last Sunday and I agree with him wholeheartedly. =) Thank you all for a magnificent example of servant leadership and prayerful beauty on our festival weekend!


Before COVID, our program had a longstanding tradition of collecting funds to send gifts and support to our fellow members in times of loss and difficulty. The Sunshine Fund was depleted and suspended during the pandemic, but Sr. Kathleen and I would like to see it revived. To that end, let's pass the hat tomorrow night at rehearsal. No pressure to contribute, but if you'd like to and are able, it's greatly appreciated!


Another "B.C." tradition to consider reviving is a potential post-Christmas party this year, perhaps the weekend of Epiphany (January 7-8)? If you'd be interested in helping, have strong feelings either way, (or even ambivalent feelings either way), please send me an email. Thanks!


Next weeked, we have back-to-back concerts to enjoy! CityMusic returns to St. Noel on Friday night for "Batonless Beethoven," their first-ever un-conducted performance! Then, on Saturday night, classical guitarist Robert Gruca and flutist Linda White visit us for a night of eclectic and mesmerizing music from around the world. Both concerts are at 7:30 pm. If anyone would like to volunteer as an usher, I'd be grateful!


Finally, we're approaching the final weeks of Ordinary Time, which brings with them the Solemnity of All Saints (Tue, Nov 1) and the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, or All Souls Day (Wed, Nov 2). All Saints Masses will be celebrated that day at 8:30 am and 7:00 pm; our All Souls Mass will be at 7:00 pm. If All are welcome to join me in Music Ministry for any/all of these three liturgiesl in fact, I'd love to have as close to a full complement of music ministry as possible for the evening Masses on both days. Music selections are now listed below for you. And, as a thank you for putting in the extra work that week, we will not rehearse on Thursday, Nov 3.


New music:

  • 3.055 Gather Us In
  • [score] God of All Blessings

Turn in:

  • 3.063 Hear Our Prayer
  • Psalm 121: Our Help Is from the Lord (recycle this edition, thanks!)


  • Warmups: B
  • WEEKEND PREP: Rehearse or talk through everything...
    • [3.055] Gather Us In
    • JS 829 The Cry of the Poor
    • JS 732 Only This I Want
    • JS 777 Here at This Table
    • JS 813 City of God
  • MASS OF SMM: How's this setting going so far?
    • Gaudete!: revisit, polish up
    • sing through, work trouble spots:
      • O Nata Lux
      • Dancing Day
      • Take Comfort



Glory to God: MI 884 · [score] · Mass of Creation (Haugen)

Children’s Dismissal (Sundays): WA · [score] · The Word of God (Ward)

Gospel Acclamation: MI 936 · 1.003 · Mass of St. Mary Magdelene (Hart)

Prayer of the Faithful: spoken response ("O God Hear Us" at 11:00 am, Oct 16 only)

Eucharistic Acclamations: 

Lamb of God: MI 943 · 1.003 · Mass of St. Mary Magdelene (Hart)

OCTOBER 23 · Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gathering Song: MI 303 · 3.055 · Gather Us In (Haugen)

Responsorial Psalm: MI 623 · JS 829 · The Cry of the Poor (Foley)

Preparation of the Gifts: MI 499 · JS 732 · Only This I Want (Schutte)

Communion: MI 312 · JS 777 · Here at This Table (Whitaker) 

Sending Forth: MI 388 · JS 813 · City of God (Schutte)

OCTOBER 30 · Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gathering Song: MI 310 · JS 761 · Table of Plenty (Schutte)

Responsorial Psalm: MI 818 · JS 115 · Ps 145: I Will Praise Your Name (Soper)

Preparation of the Gifts: MI 470 · JS 696 · In Every Age (Whitaker)

Communion: MI 506 · JS 665 · Center of My Life (Inwood)

Sending Forth: MI 394 · JS 818 · Here I Am, Lord (Schutte)

NOVEMBER 1 · Solemnity of All Saints (8:30 am, 7:00 pm)

Gathering Song: MI 719 · JS 503 · Litany of the Saints (Becker)

Responsorial Psalm: MI 760 · JS 26 · Ps 24: Lord, This Is the People/ Let the Lord Enter (T. Smith)

Preparation of the Gifts: NEW! WA · 3.072 · God of All Blessings (Ward)

Communion: MI 302 · JS 766 · Gather the People (Schutte)

Sending Forth: MI 720 · JS 504 · For All the Saints (SINE NOMINE)

NOVEMBER 2 · All Souls Day (7:00 pm)

Gathering Song: WA · handout · Beati (Taizé) Not the way we'll do it, but it gives you the basic idea...

Responsorial Psalm: MI 764 · JS 30 · Ps 27: The Goodness of the Lord (Soper)

Preparation of the Gifts: WA · 3.060 · In Your Dwelling Place (Ward)

Communion: MI 349 · JS 774 · The Supper of the Lord (Rosania)

Sending Forth: MI 691 · JS 557 · The Lord Is My Light (C. Walker)

NOVEMBER 6 · Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gathering Song: MI 445 · JS 675 · For You Are My God (Foley)

Responsorial Psalm: MI 764 · JS 30 · Ps 27: The Goodness of the Lord (Soper)

Preparation of the Gifts: MI 475 · JS 689 · Shelter Me, O God (Hurd)

Communion: MI 435 · JS 673 · Be Not Afraid (Dufford)

Sending Forth: MI 443 · JS 686 · How Can I Keep from Singing (Lowry)


Ordinary Time III (Sep 4–Nov 24, 2022)

Advent and Christmas (Nov 27, 2022–Jan 8, 2023)


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