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Dear Partners in Ministry,

Lots to get to this week, so, without further ado:

First Communion Weekend

At both Masses this Sunday, we welcome eight of our young siblings in Christ to the table for the first time as they celebrate First Holy Communion. While this doesn't change what we do musically, let's keep these wonderful kiddos and their families in our hearts as we minister and celebrate with them.

Summer Music Selections

Music for the next big stretch of Ordinary Time (June 4–August 27) is now available! You'll find the link at the end of this post.

Tomorrow Night: The Great Post-Triduum Turn-In

While the week off was a good thing for all, those binders are still pretty heavily laden. Let's fix that tomorrow night!

Please be ready to hand in copies of the following pieces only:

  • 2.010 · Ps 23: Shepherd Me, O God (Haugen) (keep if you're in Resurrection Choir)
  • 2.016 · Psalm 22: My God, My God/Dios Mío, Dios Mío (Cosas)
  • 3.060 · In Your Dwelling Place (Ward) (keep if you're in Resurrection Choir)
  • 7.006 · O vos omnes (Casals)
  • 8.011 · Alleluia (Manuel)
  • Bless the Lord (Parish collaborative hymn)
  • Hosanna (O'Brien)
  • Psalm 19 (Ward)
  • Psalm 30 (Ward)
  • Triduum Extras handouts

Communion Updates

This week, the pastoral staff discussed how our Communion Rites were going, especially in light of the return of the Precious Blood for the assembly this weekend. Two important updates for Music Ministry came up and will be in effect this weekend:

Cup Minister: Two EMHCs will come to the choir area to distribute both species of the Eucharist to the accompanist, cantor, myself, and anyone unable to participate in the Communion procession. As we've already been doing, both will come to the piano first, then to others who cannot come to them.

Instrumentalists: From now on, please join the singers in the main Communion procession at the beginning of the Communion Song. The accompanist and cantor will get things started. When you return to the choir area, please join in playing at the next appropriate moment (e.g., the next refrain or verse). This guarantees that the unfortunate skipping you endure at times will be a thing of the past, and it shortens the overall waiting time for all the Communion vessels to be returned to their places.

April 30: Mass of Encounter Read and Review Session

A reminder that you're invited to help test drive Mass of Encounter, the setting I've composed for our parish, after the 11 am Mass on May 7. I need an advance head count of attendees, so please RSVP if you'd like to join me: Thanks!


Pick up:

  • 2.017 · Psalm 23: Complete Setting (Ward)

Turn in (it's a doozy this week! See the list above.)


  • 2.017 · Psalm 23: Complete Setting (Ward)
  • 3.059 · I Received the Living God (French carol, arr. Ward)
  • JS 16 · Ps 16: You Are My Inheritance (Bridge)
  • JS 176 · Mass of Renewal: Glory to God (Stephan)
  • JS 771 · Our God Is Here (Muglia)
  • JS 788 · Bread of Life (Farrell)



Glory to God:
Apr 16–30: BB 884 · 1.001 · Mass of Creation: Glory to God (Haugen)
May 7–May 28: BB 875 · JS 176 · Mass of Renewal: Glory to God (Stephan)

Gospel Acclamation: BB 876 · JS 177 · Mass of Renewal: Alleluia (Stephan)

Holy: BB 878 · JS 179 · Mass of Renewal: Holy (Stephan)

Prayer of the Faithful (EV/ES): WA · score · Mass of Encounter: Prayer of the Faithful (Ward)

Mystery of Faith: BB 879 · JS 180 · Mass of Renewal: We Proclaim Your Death (Stephan)

Amen: BB 882 · JS 183 · Mass of Renewal: Amen (Stephan)

Lamb of God: BB 883 · JS 184 · Mass of Renewal: Amen (Stephan)

APRIL 23 · Third Sunday of Easter · First Holy Communion (all Masses)

Gathering: BB 304 · JS 771 · Our God Is Here (Muglia)

Responsorial Psalm: BB 749 · JS 16 · Ps 16: You Are My Inheritance (Bridge)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 355 · JS 788 · Bread of Life (Farrell)

Communion: WA · 3.059 · I Received the Living God (French carol, arr. Ward)

Sending Forth: BB 392 · JS 821 · Celtic Alleluia: Sending Forth (O’Carroll/C. Walker)


APRIL 30 · Fourth Sunday of Easter

Gathering: BB 432 · JS 620 · All the Earth (Deiss)

Responsorial Psalm: WA · 2.017 · Psalm 23: Complete Setting (Ward)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 517 · JS 739 · O Beauty, Ever Ancient (O’Connor)

Communion: BB 332 · 3.033 · Gift of Finest Wheat (Kreutz, arr. Keil)

Sending Forth: BB 410 · JS 647 · Lord of All Hopefulness (SLANE/Struther)

MAY 7 · Fifth Sunday of Easter

Gathering: BB 311 · JS 761 · Table of Plenty (Schutte)

Responsorial Psalm: BB 770 · JS 38 · Ps 33: Lord, Let Your Mercy (Dufford)

Preparation of the Gifts: BB 479 · JS 718 · Love One Another (Dufford)

Communion: BB 359 · 3.061 · Take and Eat (Joncas)

Sending Forth: BB 481 · JS 709 · Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (HYFRYDOL/Wesley)


Triduum and Easter Season (April 6–May 28, 2023)

Ordinary Time II (Summer: June 4–August 27, 2023)


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